Episode 9 - Jennifer Loveless

Have your personal assistant mark your calendar, this September Cool Room brings you a ❀ spring-time soiree ❀ to make winter nothing but a distant memory.

We’re aspiring to channel the scowls and smarts of Audrey Horne and Agent Scully as we get busy with some of our favourite local (and interstate) bees:

Jennifer’s been in extremely high demand this year – opening, closing and everything in between: Camp Nong, Rose Quartz, Gaytimes, Bunker's Soft Pedal and Daydreams to name but a few. She's suported Gunnar Haslam, Massimiliano Pagliara, Luca Lozano, Extrawelt, Marc Romboy, Robert Babicz (Rob Acid) + more.

She's also the host of radio show Weatherall + she's one of the Cool Room team, so we can't wait to show her off.

Relish in this mix she threw together in preparation for Gunnar Haslam: https://soundcloud.com/jenniferloveless/thumpvice-pres-jennifer-loveless-pre-gunnar-haslam-mix-it-takes-two

Hang on tight to your spritz as Cruise Control shifts gears in the lounge. Taking a break from the door, Cat will be pollinating the studio with sounds to help you spring into things.

Discover her budding talents: https://soundcloud.com/cruise-control-cat

Off the back of his summertime adventures in Europe, Edd is making his debut at Cool Room. If spring isn’t enough for you, listen closely to Edd’s set for a sneak peek of what summer’s got in store for us.

Find out what he's been up to: https://soundcloud.com/edd-fisher

Adi joins us from Sydney to show off her blossoming talents. These blossoms won’t cause hayfever instead they’ll have us all in a late-night dance frenzy.

Episode 9 - Jennifer Loveless features:

Cool Room Manifesto

When dancing is your expression, Cool Room is where you show others how you work it.

Be ~chill~, feel *sexy*.

Make it hot and keep it cool.

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